YouTube Reading of  "The Green Leaf"


It's not yellow

It's not red

I found it on a soiled bed.

I found this leaf on the ground,

Look at the pretty leaf I found.

A leaf that is big, a leaf that shines,

This green leaf tantalizes my mind.

A leaf to enjoy, a leaf to behold

This will be here when I am old.

This leaf was alive when I was young

Just like old songs we've always sung.

"The Green Leaf"

Copyright 2020

by Cory Markert

All Rights Reserved

Note on "The Green Leaf":

I happened to find this leaf in the first week of November, 2020. Whereas the majority of the leaves on the tree outside my window were yellow by this time of the year, this unusual leaf was untouched by the cold -- it remained a perfect, mellow green, so fresh and lively it almost smiled.

My mom once told me, "This is a summer poem, a poem of hope, not hate. Red and yellow leaves are for the fall, the end of their lives when the chlorophyll is replaced in the dying brown leaves."