Author Cory Lee Markert


Good News! It's coming soon!  The Pizza Toad and Other Poems, Illustrated Pandemonium Edition!

My book will be available at Barnes and Noble, on Amazon and many other places!

And it shall be available in digital and paper form for you tree lovers, tree huggers and physical paper hoarders.


The Pizza Toad and Other Poems is Cory's first major work. The poems were written mostly in free verse, and pose a variety of themes. Full of witty and insightful poems.

Beautifully Illustrated

250 pages

Digital and Hard-Copy Version Available Worldwide

There are 35 poems in Time, Thoughts and Dreams. They were written by Dr. Louis Francis Markert (1942-2012). Topics include spirituality, friends and family, his trip to Europe, his drug addiction, and other topics. His touching poems remind us of defeats and triumphs, good times and bad times, his "thoughts and dreams", sweet things and "ships gone by". Also included are several essays he wrote and a sampling of one article that was published in the Fresno Bee.